Coffee and Beer Go Together Like...

Prospect Porter MadeWest

There’s one thing that almost every brewery has in common...COFFEE. 

Coffee and beer go together like clowns and crying babies. Your morning best friend is also your evening best friend. Coffee has made its way into numerous beers throughout the history of craft beer and odds are, almost any brewery you walk into these days will have some type of coffee beer on tap.

Let’s face it, brewers and coffee roasters are cut from the same cloth – they are masters of their craft, creative and they both really like (obsess about) their coffee and their beer. From fermentation to roasting, these two beautiful liquids are the product of skill, dedication and good ol’ hard work. And if that isn’t a recipe for something amazing, we don’t know what is. 

We all know that a good cup of Joe starts with one thing and one thing only – great beans. Lucky for us, our good friends Derek and Blake Ulrich, over at Prospect Coffee Roasters, have that part dialed. The beans come from small, traceable farms in areas like Honduras and Ethiopia and they are roasted to pure perfection. Not only do Derek and Blake really know how to pull out the flavors and complexities of each bean, but their flagship retail location in Downtown Ventura is a staple in our community and the most likely place to run into at least a dozen of your closest friends.

Some of you already know our Prospect Porter. In fact, it might be the only beer you drink...and we don't blame you, there really isn’t anything much more enticing than the aroma of rich vanilla and roasted coffee. And on this go around, our brewers really went over the top – this batch is full sensory overload, the coffee and vanilla couldn't be more delightfully in your face!

If you drink this beer and you’re a fan, you have most likely attempted to convince our bar staff to let you take a crowler home. Unfortunately, since this beer has historically been on nitro, we have been unable to offer it togo. But, today is your day Prospect fans! We put this liquid gold in cans and it's now available in our taproom and online

We’re big fans of the Prospect crew and we’re even more stoked that we are able to work so closely with them on such an amazing beer. 

Scroll through below to checkout our morning with the talented crew at Prospect Roasters in Downtown Ventura and see why when it comes to coffee, this place takes the cake.

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