Vanilla Splitting Porter Beer

Although originating in England in the 1700's and deemed the beer for the working class man, the Porter is one of those beers that is symbolic of American craft brewing and has carved itself onto many brewery menus and for some has even become a flagship beer. 

Newer American porters are a sharp departure from the heavy OG English styles of the past - today they are often roasty, bitter, and much more hop forward. But like everything, when it comes to beer, things are constantly evolving and reinventing themselves.

Enter The MadeWest Prospect Porter...

There really isn’t anything much more enticing than the aroma of vanilla and roasted coffee. The MadeWest Prospect is one of those cerebral beverages that plays to just about every taste sensation in the human body and offers just as much dependability as it does complexity. Dosed with whole Madagascar Vanilla Beans and a 100 pounds of single origin coffee from El Salvador, roasted by our good friends over at Prospect Coffee (hence the name), Prospect pairs a velvety smooth mouthfeel with a sweet caramel undertone and malt character that is well balanced by Cascade Hops. It's the perfect beer for a cold day but also incredibly approachable (sometimes crushable) when the temps warm up.

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