Nothing like a Good Ol' Dry Hop

Dry HoppingHumulus lupulus, aka HOPS. Where would beer be without these little buds. They are the main culprit behind those intoxicating flavors and aromas in your beer and in styles like our IPA, we go pretty hard in the paint with these things. But instead of diving deep in the history of hops and geeking out on all the different strains, let's direct the focus on a single application during the brewing process – dry hopping. 

What's dry hopping? It's a process that takes place near the end of fermentation when you dump copious amounts of hops to bring out flavors and aromas that would not be possible to achieve if added during the boil stage. The hops are soaked in the finished beer for anywhere from several days to a week. Resulting in a bold mix of flavors and aromatics.

With every beer comes a unique process and different hop combinations and that's what gets us excited. With so many ways to experiment and exploit these hops, it guarantees that we are always going to be pushing the envelope and experimenting with new beers.

Scroll through to see what it looks like when you dry hop close to 300lbs of hops into a 20ft tall, 90 barrel fermenter.Dry HopDry Hop 90 BarrelDry Hop


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