Brewed In Ventura


Your 1st Beer Is on Us

As a Standard Club member, you will enjoy your first beer on the house!

Hang with the MW Crew

From the brew team to the back office folk, come hang with the crew that makes MW what it is. 

Bring a Friend

Enjoy the party with a friend or significant other. Every Standard Club member will be allowed to bring 1 guest.


Do I have to RSVP?

We need to plan accordingly and space is limited. All Standard Club attendees must RSVP before attending. 

Will food be provided? 

Food is not provided, but there will be a food truck onsite for the night.

Can I bring my dog?

As much as we love our furry friends, this is a no pet event.

Do I need a ticket for the event?

No ticket necessary, but all Standard Club attendees must RSVP themselves and their guest. Please be ready to provide your first/last name and your Standard Club card at the door.

Is this a closed event?

This is a private event and the brewery will not be open to the public. Only Standard Club members (+their guest) will be allowed to attend. 

Do I have to pay for beer? 

Your first beer will be complimentary. All other beer purchased after that must be paid for. The complimentary beer is for members only, guests are to pay for beer on their own tab.