Madewest Brewing Enters SoCal Markets With Stone Distribution

Stone Distributing

"Ventura, CA – MadeWest Brewing Company of Ventura, CA starts distribution of their beer in Southern California on Monday, March 14th. Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties will be the first to receive shipments of MadeWest, as distributed by Stone Distribution—the distribution arm of one of the true cornerstones of American craft brewing."

“This brand new brewery has a fantastic space, located in the heart of Ventura, and is definitely worth getting excited about,” said Chad Heath, Senior Director of Stone Distributing. “Their first batches of beers have been exceptional, and the team embodies a genuine passion for good craft beer.” Heath is excited to have MadeWest join the Stone Distributing portfolio, which includes “more than 35 of the world’s best craft and specialty brands.”