Madewest Brewing Co. Opens with Room to Grow in Ventura

MadeWest Ventura County Star

"As Ventura County's newest microbrewery, MadeWest Brewing Co. opened its doors at 3:30 p.m. Thursday for a small but thirsty crowd.

I counted eight people waiting for the telltale jangle of the keys in the lock before the group moved en masse to the taproom counter. There they consulted the movie marquee-style menu board before ordering glasses and taster flights of the four brews currently on offer.

The turnout, which gained serious momentum as the evening progressed, was due more to a conscious social-media blackout on the brewery's official Instagram and Facebook pages than to lack of interest."

"We were just looking not to get slammed, to make sure our training was in order," said co-founder and CEO Seth Gibson. "We still ended up a little busier than expected."