The Day Of

MadeWest IPA CannerWhile craft beers are rotating faster than ever on store shelves, beers still have a tendency to sit on those shelves way past their prime. And while picking the style of beer and brewery of choice (preferably MadeWest) in which you choose to consume, freshness is a detail that shouldn't be ignored. You want to taste the beer how the brewer intended it to taste.

From meticulously planning out ingredients, managing a production calendar to a T and partnering with a distribution company dedicated to delivering an always cold and nothing but exceptional product, we put quality in front of anything else. Beer in the tank on packaging day is as good as it gets, and we try and get that beer into our customers hands as fast and fresh as we can. 

Don't believe it? Here's a quick look at our IPA canned, kegged and put on the truck all the day of.


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