Cheers to 2 Years! 🍻

2 Year AnniversaryIt’s been an amazing year two!

Our team has gone from 12 to 19, Mike, our head brewers hair has grown 10", and our beer has found its way to over 600 locations! 

We launched a canning line, which after months of kicking, multiple sleepless nights, and a few expletives, was finally operational! 

You guys have tagged us 1000's of times in selfies, sunsets, pet photos, outdoors and in plenty of blurry ones. 

We've won a few awards, did a couple of collaborations and received a bunch of bad YELP! reviews. 

We also survived a fire and watched our community grow stronger.

And moving forward we know:

The Dodgers will be back. 
Mick will be at the bar. 
Stuff will happen.
But mostly we'll be brewing beer and making friends.
Thanks for being along for the ride! 🍻 MadeWest Cheers to Two years

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