Team MadeWest | Q&A with Mitchell Ballatore

MadeWest Team Profile

What’s your official title at MadeWest?

Cellarman/Production Assistant 

How did you get your start in the beer world? 

My grandma gave me a thimble of beer everyday since 7 years old.   

What’s your favorite aspect of beer (flavor, aroma, etc.)?

This is a loaded question. Depending on my mood, time of the day, stress levels, food I am eating, weather, activities I am currently partaking in, basically everything has some effect on which beer I will want to drink and whether it is for the aroma or flavor. 

Dry HoppingCellerman BreweryWhat’s the best music to brew to?

I rarely ever get a chance to listen to the music I enjoy.  But on the special occasions where I get to come in at 4am and have the brewery to myself, I get to blast my Metal/Screamo... just don’t tell the owners (wink, wink)

What’s your typical day like at the brewery?

It’s changed recently, but for the most part; clock in, check gravities, CO2R and other miscellaneous tasks, sanitize FV, harvest yeast, transfer knock out, dump yeast/dry hop, clean whirlpool, CIP or two, package off beer.... I probably forgot a few things here or there, but hey...I don’t do much right...? Haha no wonder I look old and grey.

Brewery Kegs StackedBeer Ingredients Tattoo Is there a particular beer style that you’re personally more fond of than others?

In my 13 years involved in the Craft Beer scene my taste have changed numerous times. However, with my studies and progression in my career I have learned to appreciate all styles and have a time and place for any type of beer. (Go to is Saison or IPA)

What are your 3 favorite beers?

My 3 favorite beers is like 100 beers. Wouldn’t be able to answer this even if I tried especially with how talented and inventive the scene has become. 

Brewery Q&AMilling BreweryWhen you’re not at the brewery, what are you doing?

Oh crap... playing Fortnite

If you could sit down with anyone over a beer (living or dead) who would it be with?

Pope John Paul

What mythical creature do you wish actually existed?

I feel like the question was for many to choose from... 

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